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Do Mosquito Killer Machines Really Work?

Do Mosquito Killer Machines Really Work?

Mosquitos are annoying as they bite and irritate the skin. Mosquitos bites can harm a person and also can kill by spreading diseases such as malaria, dengue, etc. There are various mosquito killer machines to trap, kill, or repel.

Mosquito coils are used for killing the mosquitoes, but due to the smoke concentration, it causes adverse effects on human health. Burning a mosquito coil can affect the respiratory system that is considered to more than a smoking cigarette. However, a better alternative has come up to kill mosquitoes.

The mosquito liquid repellent emits harmful chemicals that may affect health. The electric mosquito killers are effective and safe to use. They do not emit any chemicals or smoke, and it does no harm to health. Buying an electric mosquito is also economical. These machines are portable and user friendly.

Do Mosquito Killer Machines Really Work?

Working principle

The machine attracts mosquitoes with the built-in ultraviolet lights. They get killed immediately with the high voltage electricity. It is designed in such a way that it does not harm children or adults.

Electronic bug killers attract mosquitoes and other insects using octanol lure and UV light. Insects and mosquitoes that fly around will be targeted and dies immediately. Ensure to use octanol lure if you are using the machine only for mosquitoes or else; beneficial insects might be affected. These machines are designed to use for areas within one and a half acres of land. Ensure to plug 25 feet away from the human activity area.

Other techniques to control mosquitoes:

Light candle:

Candles with citronella oils can make the mosquitoes to repel away. But it cannot be used outdoors.

Kill larvae:

Control the standing water to prevent the reproduction of the mosquitoes. Adding mosquito dunks can prevent them from breeding. The following are the places where mosquitoes breed:

  • Stagnant water,
  • Lakes,
  • Ponds,
  • Salt marshes,
  • Old tires,
  • Buckets, and
  • Clogged gutters.

Spray residual insecticides:

It is a process of spraying to kill the mosquitoes to prevent the transmission of diseases. Usually, this process of spraying is used mainly to kill or repel mosquitoes that spread malaria.

Turn on the fan:

For small indoor spaces, turn on the fan or oscillating fans. It can remove the carbon-di-oxide which attracts the mosquitoes.

Myths that are believed aren’t true

  • The floral scents can attract the mosquitoes,
  • Mosquitoes can bite the person, who eats bananas,
  • A person consuming vitamin B1 will escape from the mosquito bites,

Mosquitoes select its victims. To an extent, this is true, as the mosquitoes select the victims based on a few factors.

Some companies come with mobile apps to repel mosquitoes. But it actually does not work. There is no scientific evidence to prove that the mosquitoes repel with ultrasonic technology. When ultrasonic technology did not work for the devices, how can it work on mobile apps? The research from the American Mosquito Control Association provides the fact that when testing with 10 brands of mosquito repellent devices, none of the devices really worked. It means these mosquito repellent machines could not help from mosquito bites.

Leather Wallets

Benefits of Buying a Quality Wallet for Men

 A good wallet is all that a man needs in his life. If you are a man or wife, sister, or mother of a man then you might be well aware of what we are trying to say here. The quality of the wallet plays a very crucial role in the life of men. A good quality wallet tends to stay for a long while as compared to the flimsy ones.

Here, in our article, we are going to discuss the benefits of buying a quality wallet for men. Without any further delay, read the below information.

Leather Wallets

  1. Quality wallets are long-lasting: One of the best things about quality wallets is that they are extremely durable. The wallets that are made up of high-quality leather have quite a long life as compared to the ones made up of synthetic material. Believe us when we say a high-quality leather wallet has the tendency to stay for a lifetime (If kept under proper conditions).These days, most of the brands and companies process the leather wallets in the best possible way, this prevents the wear and tear process of the wallets. Basically, leather is a sturdy material that was developed to be utilized in rough situations. A person will never regret spending extra bucks on leather wallets.
  2. They protect the precious stuff: Having a good quality wallet in life is going to reduce a lot of your tension. The major concern of people is how to carry money and credit cards. These two things are extremely crucial in our lives and hence we all search for better ways to protect and carry them. For the same reason, a good quality wallet proves to be very helpful. If you do not have a wallet then the chances of losing the credit card and money increase ten folds. And nobody would want that to happen with them. Therefore, always make sure you get a very good quality wallet for yourself.
  3. Wallets provide comfort to the users: Another benefit of having a good quality wallet is that the person who has it is at comfort. Sometimes people need to put a lot of stuff in the pocket. A wallet comes handy in such situations. This gives a sort of contentment to the user. People who use wallets have reported to be more comfortable and at peace than the ones who do not use wallets. There is no fear of losing the credit cards, money, driving license, and other precious stuff when having a wallet in hand.
  4. Wallets are stylish: If you already own a wallet then you might be well aware of how stylish it feels to use the wallet. People who use wallets seem to be more attractive and fashionable than the ones without wallets.

Bottom line:

Having a good quality wallet can enhance your overall mood, especially when you are out. Some people overlook the importance of wallets; maybe because they have never used them before. The ones who own wallets are going to agree to all the above pointers. We hope our article proves to be helpful for you.

Gas Stove

Tips to Clean Gas Stove Grates & Burners

Gas stove is important for cooking in daily life. The kitchen slabs get messy after cooking and in the same way the iron grates and burners also becomes dirty and greasy. Though it consumes time and effort, cleaning of the burners and the grates are part of the kitchen hygiene.

The kitchen also looks beautiful if the gas stove is properly cleaned. It can be said you have to be aware of some homemade solutions and techniques for expertise cleaning of the grates and the burners.

Process of cleaning grates and burners

You must clean stove regularly for oil free and dirt-free grates and burners. You can use home ingredients and make a solution of it for cleansing purpose. Generally, the homemade solutions consist of harmless ingredients, therefore it is safe to use in the family kitchen. The DIY solutions are quite affordable for daily cleansing. The solutions and procedures of cleaning are as follows

Gas Stove

  • Vinegar spray is useful in cleaning things in households. This ingredient comprises of acetic acid which is a significant component used in various kinds of cleaning hacks. As it is a non- toxic and an inexpensive product, you can use it for cleaning grates and burners. First of all, wear gloves and fill a spray bottle with vinegar. Then spray the stove grates and burners. Leave the vinegar for 15 minutes to give it time to cut through the oil and the dirt. After that, wipe the stove equipment with the clean cloth. If required repeat the process.
  • Baking soda is also an excellent cleaning agent. It is used to clean variant items like clothes, dishes, and even your teeth. The ingredient comprises of a coarse texture and hence, it cleanses the grates and burners without causing any damage. Baking soda paste is also helpful in cleaning ovens. You have to mix baking soda with water, and make a paste out of it to apply it to the burners and grates of your best gas stove. You must leave it to stay for minimum 20 minutes. Then scrub the paste off with the brush, and wipe the surfaces with the help of cloth or paper towels. You can repeat the method if it’s necessary.
  • Another cleaning agent is dish soap. Generally, it cleanses dirty cutlery and dishes, and also has the capacity to cut through grease on pots and pans of your kitchen. Thus, it can definitely cleanse the grates and the burners of the stove. Liquid dish soap is more preferable for this cleaning process and works beautifully on enamel-coated cast iron grates. Bung the drain, and fill the sink with hot water until it envelops the grates. Add a few tablespoons of dish soap, and leave the grates to soak for at least ten minutes. Brush the grills with the pad or brush till it is cleansed and finally rinse them in warm water and pat dry it.
  • Ammonia is possibly the most effective gas stove grates and burners cleaner. This cleaning agent transforms the old grates and burners into brand new ones. Don’t forget to wear gloves and safety gear when you are cleaning with ammonia. You must work in a well-ventilated place where there is open windows and fans functioning properly.


Apart from cleaning the grates and burners every day, you must use a chimney to extract smoke, food odors and air-borne grease from your kitchen. This will enable in grease free grates and the length of the cleaning methods will also be reduced.

Nasal Aspirator

How To Use a Nasal Aspirator For a Baby?

A nasal aspirator is an essential medical tool that all parents must-have. The tools help in clearing the nasal passage of mucus in babies. Nasal aspirator provides much-needed relief for babies suffering from respiratory congestions.

Since the babies have sensitive nasal passage and organs, it is important to use the tool properly. Here is a simple guide on how to use a nasal aspirator on babies?

Things you need for using a nasal aspirator properly.

Before using a nasal aspirator check and see whether you have the below-mentioned items. In case you don’t gather or buy them.

  1. Nasal aspirator along with the saline solution
  2. A well-lit light to see clearly or a place that has proper lightning
  3. Comfortable bed of place for the baby to sleep
  4. Tissues and paper napkins to clean the mess
  5. Toys for baby to distract them
  6. And final someone other adults help to hold the baby

Steps for using nasal aspirators for babies

  • Step one:

Before using the nasal aspirator, ensure the baby is calm and relaxed. Then lay the baby down on the back on a flat surface. Use towels or pillows under the head of the baby to help them lift up the chin slightly.

  • Step two:

After the baby chin is lifted slightly high, spray one or two drops of saline into the opening of the baby’s nostril to help the mucus soften, wait for one minute before proceeding to the next step.

  • Step three:

As mentioned earlier, wait for 30 seconds to one minute to help the mucus loosen inside the nostrils of the babies. In spite of this baby is still suffering from congestion then use a nasal aspirator.

  • Step four:

Pick a clean nasal aspirator and squeeze the air of the bulb region of the aspirator. Don’t remove your hand and keep the bulb in the same position. Now very slowly and gently insert the tip of the bulb into the opening of the nostril of the baby and release it.

This will help you remove the mucus of the baby’s nose. But remember not to insert the bulb deep into the nose as it can hurt the baby.

  • Step five:

Remove the nasal aspirator bulb from the baby’s nostril and release the mucus collected on to a tissue or paper napkin. Clean the nasal aspirator with plain water, before inserting into the other nostril.

Safety tips: Be considerate and gentle while using a nasal aspirator for babies. Work as slowly as possible to keep the baby clam and prevent hurting them. Babies get startled when they see new objects, so it is important to remain calm and patient when you are using the nasal aspirator for the first time.

Also, don’t suction the mucus for more than 2 or 3 times a day and prevent using the saline solution for more than 3 days in a row. In case you see your baby suffering from congestion even after using a nasal aspirator, consult a doctor.


Nasal aspirators are designed to provide relief for babies suffering from a stuffy nose or respiratory congestion due to the presence of mucus. But do use the aspirator carefully and only after learning the steps mentioned in the article properly.

wall mount fan

How to Pick the Perfect Wall Mounted Fan

Wall-mounted fans can be a lot more advantageous and money-saving in certain cases. Like, when you have to install fans in a school, or a hotel lobby. Ceiling fans won’t fit, and table fans will jeopardize activity. In such cases, wall-mounted fans are the way to go. Choosing the right wall-mounted fans can be tricky when you don’t know exactly what you’re looking for. Here’s a list of the features you need to consider before buying wall-mounted a fan this summer!

Positioning the Fan:

Wall-mounted fans in India can be a better choice than ceiling fans or table fans for certain places like restaurants, outdoor patios, kitchens, etc. But the requirement of each of these is in different positions of the space. You’d like your restaurant fans to be installed where your guests are seated. Likewise, in a kitchen, you would want your wall-mounted fan to be positioned in such a way that it keeps you cool while you’re standing in front of a flame. Think carefully about the space of the room where you want the air to be circulated more, and position the fan accordingly.

Choosing the Correct Sweep:

According to the size of the room and the positions you want the fans to cover, choose the sweep of the fan in such a way that it can circulate air in the exact places you want it circulated. For an average room, 400mm of sweep is ideal for your fan to cover. Also, the larger your room, the more the number of fans you need to install.

Choosing the Correct Fan Speed:

Speed is also an important factor to consider while buying wall-mounted fans. Go for fans that have adjustable speeds because the changing weather demands changes in the fan speed. Some people even prefer to keep their fans at a slightly higher or lower speed than the average speed people usually set them on. Having adjustable speeds in a fan can be helpful.

Additional Features:

It’s surprising to know what additional features some wall-mounted fans can offer. Some of the features offered are double running time even on inverters, noise reduction by use of aerodynamic blades, energy savings by up to 50%, and many more such characteristics that different companies provide. You can choose the perfect wall-mounted fan for yourself based on your needs.

Weight of the Fan:

Lightweight fans are ideal for the wall-mounting variety because a heavy fan has the risk of falling off the wall and injuring anyone close by. You wouldn’t want to encounter an accident, would you? But make sure that the material is not just light but also sturdy. Most fans are made of plastic; but, still double-check the quality of the material of the fan.

Hope this article helped you decide what kind of wall-mounted fan to choose for your use. Summertime is closing by, and you need to make all the preparation you can to beat the heat! So, go on and choose the right fan for your wall!