Microwave Oven Vs. Air Fryer: Which is better?

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Microwave Oven Vs. Air Fryer: Which is better?

When you are searching among various air fryers, the odds are high as you tend to compare them with various other ovens. One may most likely find yourself stuck in between choosing the two: an air fryer or a microwave.

Listed here are the differences between an air fryer and a microwave:

Technological variations

Radiation is the implemented method, which microwave ovens use to cook the food items. This mechanism is similar to TV as well as radio transmitters that use EM waves. Moreover, these appliances could cook approximately six times quicker as the transfer of heat takes place very quickly.

Air fryers make use of the principle called Rapid Air technology. This is a simple technology involving the rapid flow of extremely hot air within this kitchen appliance. The food is cooked when too hot air rapidly moves inside the appliance. Also, the food texture that is cooked becomes crunchy as well as crispy, and which is the reason why using an air fryer generates very fantastic results.

Reason for an Air Fryer to be chosen over a Microwave Oven

Listed here are the reasons why an air fryer is preferable over a microwave oven:

An Air fryer utilizes around 70 to 80 percent less oil when compared to standard cooking. This happens to be unlikely in a Microwave. Many of the deep-fried foods we have today comprise around 3 cups of oil (750ml). One will be surprised to know that air-fried dishes require only a tablespoon (15ml).

One can eat fried foods that do not contain oil when opting for an air fryer. Whereas in the microwave oven, the oil quantity used can be restricted, but it will not fry anything when there is no oil. This would not be feasible at all.

An air fryer is very convenient to clean as it makes use of a very little oil. Besides, cleaning an air fryer isn’t that big of a task as there is a detachable frying basket. Conversely, Microwave Oven cleaning happens to be a hard job, particularly when grime and oil spills within the device.

If crispy, as well as crunchy foods such as chicken nuggets, chips, French fries, etc.are what your family loves, however, an Air Fryer will do the best job over others. Also, it will help you to slim down your weight and aid in being fit.

A microwave oven destroys the original flavor of the food, essential micronutrients, and color of the food cooked within it. Whereas an Air Fryer retains the food texture and health elements of the food. It does not add any extra fat in the form of oil.

Cooking food in a microwave leads to dehydration of the food and is more susceptible to drying. It could be stone cold in the center and piping hot on the outside, which implies uneven cooking.

So, in the event when you are wondering about eating healthier for each meal, opt for an air fryer over a microwave oven without any hesitation. One will have no regret in doing so.

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