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Induction Cooktop

Top 5 Best Induction Cooktop Brands in India

The induction cooktop is the most popular method of cooking today. The popularity of Induction cooktops has increased its demand, leading to its manufacturing by various brands in India. So this can make buying the best induction cooktops difficult. Finding the right induction cooktop that suits the needs and requirements of a family is a tiresome task. But not anymore, in this article, we have shared information about the five best induction cooktop brands in India.

Top five cooktops brands in India

  1. Prestige

The first brand that we will be discussing in the article is Prestige. When it comes to kitchen appliances and cookware Prestige is a household name. Prestige brands of cookware and cooktops are known among the consumer for their quality and design. There is hardly any kitchen in India without a prestige brand of cookware.

The customers prefer prestige induction cooktops for its sleek, efficient, and compact design. Prestige induction cooktops are available in various sizes, features, and types. Prestige being a renowned brand in manufacturing cooking appliances, is considered as the best product to purchase to meet the needs of any family.

  1. Philips

The next brand that is popular for manufacturing induction cooktops is Philips. Philips is yet again a popular brand in India. Earlier, the company was known to make electrical items like lighting. But today the company is well-known in India for kitchen appliances and cookware.

Philips induction cooktops are a popular choice among Indian consumers. The main reason for this is that the company is known for its innovation. The induction cooktops from Philips are designed to fulfill the complete needs and requirements of a household. Philips induction cooktops are the best selling products in India.

  1. Pigeon

Pigeon induction cooktops are not far behind from Philips and Prestige. The company has been involved in the manufacturing of home appliances since 1978. The pigeon brand is known around the world for manufacturing different types of home appliances. Apart from induction pigeon company manufacturer’s air fryer, pressure cookers, mixer grinders, coffee makers, etc.

Consumers prefer pigeon cookware and kitchen appliances for its price. Pigeon induction cooktops are the lowest quality product in India.

  1. Bajaj

Bajaj Company needs no introduction as the company is ruling the market for a long time. Bajaj products like lightning, home appliances, and automobiles have won the hearts of countless customers for its quality. Bajaj is a company based in India, leaving a larger impact on the minds of the customers. The trust that consumers show towards the Bajaj brand of products is tremendous. Bajaj induction cooktops are budget-friendly, compact, and easy to operate.

  1. Usha

The last brand in our list of five best induction cooktop is Usha. Usha is a reputed company for manufacturing home appliances. Usha products like induction cooktops are known for their durability. Usha induction stove is a quality product available at an affordable price. This is the reason why students and small families prefer Usha cookware and home appliances.


Induction cooktops are the best method of cooking in our busy schedules. The cooking methods consume less time and energy utilized in preparing meals. Tough 100’s of company’s manufacture induction cooktops, the five brands mentioned above in the article are best in the market.


How to choose a double door refrigerator

Are you going to buy a new refrigerator for yourself? Then you’re going to face a lot of confusion in selecting the right one for you. Numerous brands with different models are available in the market. Each brand offers you different advanced models, and you will be getting a bunch of unique features in those models. It is a confusing task to decide which brand to buy. Especially when you have several choices and options with different kinds of benefits, it becomes harder to choose one.

You need to look for some factors in the refrigerator that you are buying. First, you have to have exact knowledge about refrigerators, and then you need to know your exact requirements. Once you get to know your requirements properly, it gets easy for you to choose one among the multiple options. Double door refrigerator is always a better option than a single door one. A double door refrigerator allows you to keep more food, water bottles, and food-related products inside the refrigerator.

Here are the factors you must check before you are going to buy a double door refrigerator


The capacity of a refrigerator determines what amount or quantity of food you can keep inside it. The capacities of refrigerators vary from 180 liters to 350 liters if you’re buying the refrigerator for home-usage. You must choose a refrigerator according to the number of your family members. If you have a large family, it is normal that you’ll keep more food inside the refrigerator. In this case, you should go for a high capacity refrigerator like 350 liters refrigerator.


Space is another main factor that you must consider. You can’t buy a refrigerator that occupies a large space and doesn’t fit into your kitchen. It would help if you chose a refrigerator according to the kitchen space.

Cooling type

Recently, two types of cooling methods are available in the latest refrigerators. These two are- direct cooling and frost-free cooling. In the case of the direct cooling technology, the cooling air doesn’t circulate evenly in all the compartments. As a result, you find Frost and ice in some compartments. But in advanced refrigerators, you get a fan that distributes the cooling air evenly everywhere. So, there is no chance of getting ice and Frost in this case.

Energy saving

If you buy a refrigerator with high energy saving capacity, then you’re going to reduce your electricity bill to an affordable amount. Refrigerators work on a 24×7 basis, and these consume more electricity. So, a refrigerator with a high energy saving capacity is an advantage to you.


You can get a lot of options among several brands in case of refrigerators. All these refrigerators have different price ranges. The more advanced the refrigerator you choose to buy, the more money you have to spend. So, it’s better to choose one that fits in your budget.

These are the fast facts that help you to resolve the doubts. Know your requirements properly, check these factors, and choose wisely which kind of refrigerator you want to have.

vacuum cleaner

How to use Vacuum Cleaner at Home?

Vacuum cleaners play an essential role in home cleaning. One may sweep and swab the house. But with the help of a vacuum cleaner, you can also clean the top walls in no time. The difference between the amount of dust before and after the vacuum cleaner is quite evident. As technology keeps improving, the latest models of vacuum cleaners come to the market. Now, even the thick carpets and other surfaces can be cleaned easily. The modern vacuum cleaners have more features and are more efficient and versatile. You can also get them with lighter weight in a compact form.

Steps for using a Vacuum Cleaner

Though Vacuum Cleaner is easy to use, you need to use them in the right way. Here are some of the steps for using a vacuum cleaner.

  1. Examine the area of the Vacuum Bag – The dust gets piled up in a vacuum bag. The older models leverage a bag, while the newer versions use a removable canister. You need to change the bag if it is filled with dust. If you are using a removable canister, make sure you make it empty. This process is required for durability and better results.
  2. Check the height of the Vacuum – The vacuum cleaner comes with the adjustable height settings when you are cleaning the carpets having different types of thickness. It is also important to adjust the settings to clean the carpet to get the desired results.
  3. Move all the small items outside – Before you start the vacuum cleaner for home use, make sure that you move the lighter objects aside for the faster process.
  4. Put on the Vacuum – Once you are done with cleaning, make use of slow and even strokes while pushing the machine to and fro towards the door. For thorough cleaning, you need to move it very quickly.
  5. Make use of Vacuum Cleaner’s attachments – All the vacuum cleaners have attachments, which improves the quality of the work. To get the cleaning that you want, you need to make extensive use of these tools. It also avoids the airflow to push the dirt from the corners, which you have not touched in other areas.
  6. Clean the Vacuum’s Brush – It is important to clean the vacuum brush and remove debris for the next use. You can use mild water and detergent to clean and brush the attachments and other tools. After you finish cleaning, fill the bucket with warm water, and use it.
  7. Make the Bristle brush dry – It is essential to ensure that attachments are thoroughly dry. Make use of the rags to remove the water. You can also dry the bristles through patting. Do not forget to use the rag. Let the brushes dry completely before reuse.
  8. Comb the bristles – By using an old comb, you can make the drying faster. Rin the comb through the bristle as many times as possible to remove the remaining entangled hairs, dirt, gunk, etc. The entire process should be repeated frequently after each usage.


Vacuum Cleaner is easy to use. However, you need to follow the necessary steps for better results and long-lasting of this equipment


Top 10 Tips for Choosing a Right Washing Machine

With so much variety of washing machines, you can be left confused as to what you should purchase. However, with a systematic approach, you can buy the right product for yourself. Here are some of the 10 best tips to select the correct washing machine for your-self.

Ten Simple Steps To Buy A Washing Machine

First, you need to begin by figuring out if you need a washer dryer or just a washer? You should know that washer dryers do not take up too much space, and they also cost less. The only disadvantage is that you cannot use the washing and drying facility at the same time, so if your space permits, then you could consider buying two separate units.

Take note of the size which is dependent on the size of your family and how frequently you wash clothes. If you do not wash clothes too often or if your family is a small one, then a 6 kg capacity will be just fine. If that is not adequate, then you could move to a bigger model of 10kg capacity

The next thing you would want to focus on is the speed; different models have different speed. If you buy a model that has a speed of 1400rpm, then your clothes will dry fast. This also saves a lot of energy, but you should also keep in mind that the faster the speed, the more noise it will produce. So if this is not something you want, then you can switch to a quieter model.

Not fond of paying high electricity bills? Well, then you should select a washing machine that has a good efficiency rating, but you should know that these models tend to cost a bit more.

You will come across many machines that have advanced programming menus. These programs can be used to wash different kinds of clothes without destroying their quality. If you live alone, then you could wash clothes using half-load.

Manufacturers have not only improved upon the features of the washing machine but have also changed their appearances. You no longer have to settle for the conventional white. You now have the option of choosing from black, stainless steel, or silver. The modern style will seamlessly blend in with the interiors of the house.

The new updated models have a built-in Digital display that will show you all the necessary information. This particular feature is very helpful, and most users look forward to this.

Now, if you like washing clothes at the same time, you should consider buying a top-loading unit as they have greater capacity. Plus, they are very easy to maintain.

It would help if you always made your purchases from a reliable brand; this way, you will be assured that you are getting your money’s worth. So, you must take the time and research on the different brands and compare their features and prices. Also, reading customer reviews will help throw light on the matter.

Buy a washing machine that you will use to the fullest do not buy something with advanced features that you will never utilize.

So these are the ten most important tips to follow while buying a modern washing machine. Do not rush the process, be patient, and take a look at every minute detail till you are satisfied.

kitchen chimney

All You Need To Know About A Kitchen Chimney

In a kitchen, there are various appliances that you help you in cooking, ventilation, cleaning, and storage, etc. Amongst those, a kitchen chimney is one such essential appliance required to maintain proper ventilation when you cook in the kitchen. Such an appliance helps in smoke absorption and to provide you an oil-free and clean kitchen. Nowadays, different kitchen chimneys are available in the market in which most of them go well with your modern kitchen and add décor. If you have an idea of buying a kitchen chimney, you need several things about it, which we will discuss here.

Chimney Filters:

The first thing you need to know is about the chimney filters available in the market, such as Cassette Filter, Baffle Filter, and Carbon Filter. These three filters will be used in your chimney to absorb the dust and smoke particles from your kitchen. When you consider the Cassette filter, here it uses an aluminum mesh design in which oil and grease get trapped in it easily. Due to which suction power becomes poor after some time. So it requires regular washing and maintenance. When compared to the cassette filter, the suction power is better in a baffle filter. Coming to the carbon filter, here too suction power becomes poor after some time, but it is best for absorbing odor in your kitchen.

Mount Type:

Based on the mounting type of chimney, it is of four types, such as Wall-mounted chimney, Island style chimney, Built-in styled chimney, and Corner styled chimney. In a wall-mounted type, it is fitted against the wall and above the cooktop. Here the Hob is located near the wall. In an island chimney, the chimney is installed at a certain distance away from the wall, and it faces the cooktop along with the hob at the center. In an integrated model, the chimney is installed inside the kitchen cabinet; hence it is hidden in your kitchen. Coming to the last mounting category, the chimney is installed in the kitchen’s corner, and it is rarely using design.

Chimney Suction Power:

The next thing that you need to know about the kitchen chimney is suction power. This factor decides the quality of the chimney, as it is essential to maintain a clean kitchen free from oil and smoke. This suction power is measured in terms of cubic meter per hour (m3/hr). For a smaller kitchen, the suction power is between 500 m3/hr to 650m3/hr. When you consider the bigger kitchen, here the suction power is between 650m3/hr to 1000m3/hr.

Chimney Design:

Based on look and aesthetics, there are two types of kitchen chimney designs, such as convectional chimney design and contemporary chimney design. The first design is found in most of your kitchens, because of its durable and stainless steel design. Such models come either with ducts or without ducts, and it comes under your budget. Most of the modern kitchens prefer contemporary design due to its elegant look and sleek design.

In addition to the above, one has to know other things about a kitchen chimney such as duct provision, size, and auto-clean chimney, etc.

microwave oven

Microwave Oven Vs. Air Fryer: Which is better?

When you are searching among various air fryers, the odds are high as you tend to compare them with various other ovens. One may most likely find yourself stuck in between choosing the two: an air fryer or a microwave.

Listed here are the differences between an air fryer and a microwave:

Technological variations

Radiation is the implemented method, which microwave ovens use to cook the food items. This mechanism is similar to TV as well as radio transmitters that use EM waves. Moreover, these appliances could cook approximately six times quicker as the transfer of heat takes place very quickly.

Air fryers make use of the principle called Rapid Air technology. This is a simple technology involving the rapid flow of extremely hot air within this kitchen appliance. The food is cooked when too hot air rapidly moves inside the appliance. Also, the food texture that is cooked becomes crunchy as well as crispy, and which is the reason why using an air fryer generates very fantastic results.

Reason for an Air Fryer to be chosen over a Microwave Oven

Listed here are the reasons why an air fryer is preferable over a microwave oven:

An Air fryer utilizes around 70 to 80 percent less oil when compared to standard cooking. This happens to be unlikely in a Microwave. Many of the deep-fried foods we have today comprise around 3 cups of oil (750ml). One will be surprised to know that air-fried dishes require only a tablespoon (15ml).

One can eat fried foods that do not contain oil when opting for an air fryer. Whereas in the microwave oven, the oil quantity used can be restricted, but it will not fry anything when there is no oil. This would not be feasible at all.

An air fryer is very convenient to clean as it makes use of a very little oil. Besides, cleaning an air fryer isn’t that big of a task as there is a detachable frying basket. Conversely, Microwave Oven cleaning happens to be a hard job, particularly when grime and oil spills within the device.

If crispy, as well as crunchy foods such as chicken nuggets, chips, French fries, etc.are what your family loves, however, an Air Fryer will do the best job over others. Also, it will help you to slim down your weight and aid in being fit.

A microwave oven destroys the original flavor of the food, essential micronutrients, and color of the food cooked within it. Whereas an Air Fryer retains the food texture and health elements of the food. It does not add any extra fat in the form of oil.

Cooking food in a microwave leads to dehydration of the food and is more susceptible to drying. It could be stone cold in the center and piping hot on the outside, which implies uneven cooking.

So, in the event when you are wondering about eating healthier for each meal, opt for an air fryer over a microwave oven without any hesitation. One will have no regret in doing so.