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How to Choose a Glucometer for Home Use

Nearly all the patients undergoing diabetes treatment require a personal glucometer to monitor their blood glucose level. The patients who are under insulin therapy undergo continuous glucose monitoring in hospital settings. Doctors recommend this process to test the efficacy of insulin. Similarly, if you chose to manage the condition at home, it is essential to monitor blood sugar levels regularly. Moreover, patients with mild diabetes also require glucose monitoring to prevent further progression of the condition.

Chronic diabetic patients have enough knowledge about the varieties in glucometer. However, it is not always accurate. Some of them might be using the wrong kind of glucometer for several years. It can lead to errors in readings and faulty diagnosis. Most of the patients who have newly developed diabetes don’t yet know about a personal glucometer. To manage the blood sugar level efficiently and prevent further complications, you must have a glucometer at home. Here are a few tips on how to choose a glucose meter for home:

  1. The accuracy of the glucometer:

The accuracy of the glucometer is a considerable aspect. The scientists conduct various studies before launching a medical device in the market. The number of tests these devices have passed is a reliable indicator of their accuracy. We recommend you to purchase a glucose meter that is authorized by the FDA. The accuracy is a vital component as a wrong interpretation can lead to errors in diagnosis, monitoring, and treatment.

  1. Display is easily appreciable or not?

Display is as valuable as the functionality of the device. If the digits on screen are not easily visible in dim light or they are not big enough to interpret, you can experience an error in reading. It will lead to wrong diagnosis, monitoring, and treatment. Therefore, choose the design of the device very wisely.

  1. Storage capacity of the device:

It becomes a very tough task to note down the measurements every time you test the blood sugar. However, keeping the record of these data is a more difficult task. Therefore, we recommend you to buy the glucose meters that have ample of storage capacity. It will keep track of your glucose levels and never lead to faulty treatment.

  1. Time taken to visualize results:

The older device takes 12- 15 seconds to present results on the screen while the newer ones are much faster. They can show results in 5-10 seconds! The ideal devices take 5-6 seconds to demonstrate results. The lesser is the test time the better is the device.

  1. Does it come with insurance cover?

Don’t forget to check the insurance coverage. Not all the devices come with insurance coverage. Always go for the devices which include this feature to save you from further problems. Also, check the days covered under insurance, some providers limit it to test strip numbers.

  1. Choose the device that is easy to use & maintain:

It will be beneficial for you to choose a glucometer that is easy to use and maintain. Make sure to choose a handy device with a basic design, and easily identifiable digits. Also, look for the amount of blood that the test strip requires, its storage, and management.

  1. Which type of device do you need?
  • Invasive: These kits come with a lancing device, a glucose meter, test strips, and lancelets.
  • Minimally invasive: These are designed to provide more comfort and less pain to patients. It can interpret results by scanning a particular area of the body.
  • Continuous Glucose Monitoring: It is a wearable device and the sensor present inside the device tells you about the glucose level of the patient’s body.
  1. Cost of the device:

Make sure to pick an affordable glucose meter. Don’t waste an extra penny on good-looking devices that have minimal functionality. Always prefer functionality over looks if it comes to medical devices.

We hope this will help you to pick a perfect glucose meter for home use.  Thank you!