Do Mosquito Killer Machines Really Work?

Do Mosquito Killer Machines Really Work?

Do Mosquito Killer Machines Really Work?

Mosquitos are annoying as they bite and irritate the skin. Mosquitos bites can harm a person and also can kill by spreading diseases such as malaria, dengue, etc. There are various mosquito killer machines to trap, kill, or repel.

Mosquito coils are used for killing the mosquitoes, but due to the smoke concentration, it causes adverse effects on human health. Burning a mosquito coil can affect the respiratory system that is considered to more than a smoking cigarette. However, a better alternative has come up to kill mosquitoes.

The mosquito liquid repellent emits harmful chemicals that may affect health. The electric mosquito killers are effective and safe to use. They do not emit any chemicals or smoke, and it does no harm to health. Buying an electric mosquito is also economical. These machines are portable and user friendly.

Do Mosquito Killer Machines Really Work?

Working principle

The machine attracts mosquitoes with the built-in ultraviolet lights. They get killed immediately with the high voltage electricity. It is designed in such a way that it does not harm children or adults.

Electronic bug killers attract mosquitoes and other insects using octanol lure and UV light. Insects and mosquitoes that fly around will be targeted and dies immediately. Ensure to use octanol lure if you are using the machine only for mosquitoes or else; beneficial insects might be affected. These machines are designed to use for areas within one and a half acres of land. Ensure to plug 25 feet away from the human activity area.

Other techniques to control mosquitoes:

Light candle:

Candles with citronella oils can make the mosquitoes to repel away. But it cannot be used outdoors.

Kill larvae:

Control the standing water to prevent the reproduction of the mosquitoes. Adding mosquito dunks can prevent them from breeding. The following are the places where mosquitoes breed:

  • Stagnant water,
  • Lakes,
  • Ponds,
  • Salt marshes,
  • Old tires,
  • Buckets, and
  • Clogged gutters.

Spray residual insecticides:

It is a process of spraying to kill the mosquitoes to prevent the transmission of diseases. Usually, this process of spraying is used mainly to kill or repel mosquitoes that spread malaria.

Turn on the fan:

For small indoor spaces, turn on the fan or oscillating fans. It can remove the carbon-di-oxide which attracts the mosquitoes.

Myths that are believed aren’t true

  • The floral scents can attract the mosquitoes,
  • Mosquitoes can bite the person, who eats bananas,
  • A person consuming vitamin B1 will escape from the mosquito bites,

Mosquitoes select its victims. To an extent, this is true, as the mosquitoes select the victims based on a few factors.

Some companies come with mobile apps to repel mosquitoes. But it actually does not work. There is no scientific evidence to prove that the mosquitoes repel with ultrasonic technology. When ultrasonic technology did not work for the devices, how can it work on mobile apps? The research from the American Mosquito Control Association provides the fact that when testing with 10 brands of mosquito repellent devices, none of the devices really worked. It means these mosquito repellent machines could not help from mosquito bites.

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