Bluetooth Earphones Benefits and Limitations

Bluetooth Earphones Benefits and Limitations

Mainly the thing which we use is the mobile phone and most of the work is done on that only. But the companion of it is Bluetooth earphone and with this, the experience of a mobile phone will become great. If the pairing of mobile is done with the Bluetooth earphones then it will have a different experience. There are both the benefits as well as limitations of using the Bluetooth earphones which one should consider before purchasing the one for mobile.


  • Simple to use – It is very easy to connect with the mobile as it does not need to have any special device or any other application to link it. The Bluetooth application is already pre-installed in all the mobile phones. The user just needs to open it and configure the right Bluetooth of earphone with it.
  • Comfort – Having the earphones with wire is a cumbersome thing. While talking the user needs to hold the mobile as it is attached with wire to the earphone. Without which, a user will not able to listen that what the person, on the other hand, is speaking. But with Bluetooth earphone there is no issue of cable the hands are free, a user can keep the mobile at a certain distance with earphone and can take the leisure of moving freely.
  • Connect easily – The users do not have to remove the wire again and again for connection to the device. Just disconnecting the one Bluetooth and connect with other device Bluetooth without any hassles. While in wired earphones a user needs to take the wire from one mobile then insert in other. During this a user needs to take care of the wire also that it does not tangle around, these issues are not there with the Bluetooth earphones.


  • Prices are high – The prices are more as compared to the prices of earphones which are attached with wire. As it has to be connected with batteries. So, to have the benefits of Bluetooth a user need to shell more money out from their pocket.
  • The problem in Battery – It is not good for the battery of the mobile as it gradually takes away the battery of mobile. As it is connected with the mobile through Bluetooth signals so at times it keeps on searching the signals which take away a large chunk of the battery.
  • Harmful radiations – With the Bluetooth earphone there are harmful radiations which are emitted from it as emitted from Microwave. The Bluetooth earphones are being used close to the brain which can damage the brain when it emits the harmful rays. Users generally keep it around there neck when they are not using it but it is connected to the Bluetooth which emits harmful rays and are not good for health. So, it is should be kept away when not in use or should be disconnected.

Everything we use in today’s time has its own benefits and limitations. So, a user needs to consider all the things and then decide whether one wants to take it or not.

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