All You Need to Know About Mobile SEO

mobile seo

All You Need to Know About Mobile SEO

Even the most technologically-challenged realize the true power of mobile phones in this day and age. Most of the world’s internet traffic today moves through mobile phones. Laptops and desktops are no longer the majority, especially in the mainstream.

Take India as an example. Computers and laptops were adopted at a very slow rate by the Indian masses because they were difficult to understand and use. Furthermore, they were very expensive and thus did not gain a lot of acceptance in the consumer market.

Smartphones, on the other hand, quickly gained acceptance from a wide audience in India.


Mobile phones, compared, to computers, had a much steeper better learning curve. One didn’t need to know a set of complex things like filenames and software to use mobile phones. Even simple knowledge about mobile apps was enough for people to use mobile phones without a hitch. Go to any digital marketing institute and half the students would tell you that they learned about the field from a video they watched on their mobile.

The acceptance of mobile phones has brought a problem with it. Digital marketing professionals have had to adapt to these changing audience dynamics. Mobile SEO has become a real thing as digital marketers work hard to improve discovery on search engines for mobile users.

mobile seo

In this article, we cover some key aspects of mobile SEO.

Mobile Responsiveness

Do people coming on your website on their mobile phones come across a mobile-friendly website?

If yes, your website is mobile-responsive. By definition, mobile responsiveness is used as an attribute for a website that is able to engage with a largely mobile audience. Some of the top websites in the world are mobile-responsive.

In search rankings for webpages on mobile, the mobile-responsiveness of a website is a key factor. Websites that are not typically mobile-responsiveness tend to do very poorly on mobile SERPs. Modern CMSs like WordPress and Wix tend to be mobile-friendly and thus have no problem ranking higher on SERPs.

Writing Better Title and Meta Descriptions

On mobile SERPs, titles and meta descriptions are truncated to fit the small screen of a mobile phone. In such a case, having a long title which may be fine for desktop users but appear too vague or unassuming for a mobile user. Thus, SEOs must create shorter titles and descriptions that are best placed to help explain the context of the content and boost CTR at the same time.

User Experience (UX)

In mobile SEO, UX plays a major role in dictating how a website ranks. If the clickable parts of a website are too small, users will not be able to access them. This, in turn, causes the bounce rate and average session time of a website to increase, and consequently have a negative effect on mobile SERPs.

In Conclusion

In conclusion, we covered some of the things you need to know about mobile SEO.

About the Author – Gaurav Heera is a digital marketing professional and trainer with over a decade of experience in the industry. He currently works at Eduburg, an institute known for its digital marketing course.

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