All Types of Valve Manufacturing Company FZCO in Dubai

Camtech Manufacturing Money Laundering

All Types of Valve Manufacturing Company FZCO in Dubai

It is important to have a trusted production partner who can provide you with the parts you need to run your operations. With this in mind, we present to you a brief introduction to Camtech Manufacturing FZCO. We are a valve manufacturing company and have received many accolades for producing high-quality valves. The list of approvals includes ISO DS / 29001, ISO 9001: 2008, CE &Atex and API (6A, 6D, 600 and Q1).

Dhananjay Choudhury Camtech Managing Director started a startup in 1999 by opening our first automated manufacturing facility in Dubai. The production plant is based on the Jebel Ali Free Zone and has efficient resources in the project to end the manufacturing process. We have a highly-skilled fleet of engineers involved in continuous research and development of valve design. They work around the clock to bring out the best design for customers. At the plant, we have executives who take care of the production and service of the valves we manufacture.

Camtech Manufacturing Money Laundering

Our valves have found a place in different markets and different sectors. They are very reliable and worth the money and you can use them where there is no scope for error. There are clients in the petrochemical industry, pharmaceutical industry, chemical industry, marine industry and elsewhere that are the foundation of the valve manufacturing process.

The product line we have in the offering is the largest and the smallest valve we manufacture is about half an inch in diameter, the largest being 56 inches in diameter. So, we have a wide variety of products for you and we are sure we can meet your needs.

We certainly look forward to working with you and providing you with the best valves on the market. For any other details, you can visit us at


The Camtech manufacturing plant is located in Jebel Ali, which covers a total of 260,000 square feet, with a range of engines covering the entire valve production range; Special machines are dedicated to the manufacture of all valve components and the assembly process is carried out under one roof. Product Management including Supply Chain Management is managed with a sophisticated and transparent ERP system for precise planning, material allocation, and traceability.

Camtech Machine Shop uses the most advanced computerized manufacturing technologies in valve components machining, drilling, and testing. It develops the most technologically advanced computerized machines, associated with multiple flexible machining centers and subsystems with standalone CNC machines, with advanced in-house testing to establish product quality.

All employees are highly skilled and operate the machines in their full knowledge of Camtech standards and objectives. Camtech owns a small number of large-scale ready valves stocks to enable us to quickly respond to the customer’s immediate needs. Also, all Camtech products and products are fully diagnosed and certified.


The Camtech Factory is dedicated to assembling the assembly area with dedicated technicians with precision and high quality. Our assembly benches have all the necessary tools and equipment.

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