Day: November 17, 2020


Which fan is best for bedroom?

The fan is essential electrical equipment for a bedroom. This is because fan circulates air in the bedroom and reduces the temperature inside the room. Cool temperature enables you to sleep soundly. Fans are especially useful for bedrooms without air conditioning. Even if the bedroom has air conditioning, a fan is recommended because running the AC for long hours increases the energy bill, but fan consumes much less energy and can be used when air conditioning is not required.

There are some factors which will help you in determining the best fan for your bedroom.

Type of fan 

A ceiling fan does not occupy floor space and provides air circulation in the entire room. A flush mount ceiling fan can be installed in a bedroom with a low ceiling. Many models of ceiling fans also come with lighting fixtures to act as a source of illumination. Ceiling fans provide optimum air at affordable rates.

Table fan is a portable fan which can be kept on the table near the bed. Table fan does not provide air circulation throughout the room, but it is a convenient option for getting air during sleeping. Table fan can also be easily stored when not in use.

A box fan is a large-sized fan which is kept on the floor. It is usually square in shape and has a covering to house the blades to prevent injuries. This kind of fan is not suited for small and cramped bedrooms.

Tower fan has a long and narrow design and has a pedestal. The blades are thin. This type of fan is difficult to store and needs to be left standing on the floor when not in use. Hence, for a small bedroom, a very thin and narrow tower fan is a suitable choice.


The power of the fan should be sufficient to cool the bedroom space. For large master bedrooms, a ceiling fan is the best option because only ceiling fans have motors with enough power ratings to cool large spaces. For smaller bedrooms, other kinds of fans are suitable depending upon your needs. Energy-efficient fans are suitable for people looking for optimal cooling at low energy costs.

Speed Settings 

Low, medium and high are the 3 standard speed settings of bedroom fans. However, many models have even 10 or more speed settings. Usually 3 speed settings are sufficient for a bedroom fan, but for people requiring a range of airflow rates to sleep soundly, the models with a plethora of speed settings are suitable.


Oscillation is a feature associated with table and pedestal fans. Such fans can remain in a fixed position and can also be set to oscillate to provide air to various areas of the bedroom. Depending upon your specific needs, you can either choose an oscillating fan or opt for manual adjustment of the fan’s position.


A fan equipped with a sleep timer is suitable if you don’t want the fan to operate all night. The timer automatically switches off the fan after a set time. A sleep timer is not required if you need cooling throughout the night.