Day: October 26, 2020

Keypad Phone

Best Keypad Phone Brand Companies in India

Today, the only form factor popular in the markets across the globe is the bar phones with a full touch display. They have changed the dynamics of the market. There is a new technology coming in the market, and this technology features foldable display. The mobile phones with the foldable display may further change the dynamics of the market, but the technology is still in the nascent stage, and the prices are high. Even though the keypad phones are out of fashion, there is still a demand for them. You will always find people who prefer buying a keypad phone because they were effortless to use.

If you are also looking for a keypad phone, then you can explore the brands listed below, and we are sure that you will not be disappointed.

Keypad Phone

Nokia–Many people had their first mobile as a Nokia handset. There is a nostalgia associated with Nokia phones. You can go ahead and explore this brand as there are many options available from Nokia. Moreover, the phones from Nokia are known to be sturdy and easy to use as well.

Samsung – The second famous brand after Nokia is Samsung. It is also a renowned brand, and Samsung is known for affordable handsets. You might not be able to find a 4G handset with keypad in Samsung, but there are many other options available, and you can explore the Guru Series to find a phone for yourself. You can easily buy Samsung keypad phone below 1500 rs in India.

Jio Phones – Jio is primarily a telecom service provider, but the company launched 2 Keypad phones recently. One of the phones features a standard keypad and the second phone has a full QWERT keypad. You can have a look at these two models as the brand is offering them at a discounted price. The phone proves to be cheaper because of the contract options available.

Micromax – You can opt for an Indian brand that has been giving tough competition to the Chinese brands. You can go ahead and buy mobile phones from Micromax as the brand offers some impressive handsets. It is known to be the most affordable option in India, and when you are buying Micromax mobile, you are also supporting Made in India.

Lava – Another option available to you is Lava. The brand is known for affordable options, and it also has an extensive service network available in India. You can certainly go ahead and choose mobile phones from Lave if you are looking for a Made in India product.

Blackberry – If you would like to purchase a premium keypad phone, then you can go ahead and buy something from Blackberry as well. The brand has again stepped into the market with upgraded phones.

These six brands offer keypad phone in India, and you can explore the available options in each brand. If you love to browse the internet, then you can also explore the 4G keypad phones from these brands. A simple search on Amazon will reveal all the options that are available today.

So, with this, we are going to conclude the page but before you leave, do let us know which brand do you like and what phone model did you choose.