Day: September 11, 2020

How often should I change batteries on my kitchen scale?

How Often Should I Change Batteries on My Kitchen Scale?

It’s really surprising to see how different recipes get affected by the small changes in the weight of the ingredients you add. To help out, measuring cups came into the picture. But now, something newer and better is in the market. Yes, the kitchen scale has become a significant lifesaver in the cooking process. With a better way to do measurements, you are bound to get the perfect food.

But one of the questions about using these beautiful devices is how often one should change the batteries of the kitchen scale. Since the answer to that question is not a simple, straightforward one, this article will help you to determine that. But before that, there are some things you need to understand first.

How often should I change batteries on my kitchen scale?

How long can the batteries last?

There is no direct answer to that question. But this gets determined by 2 factors – quality and usage. If the batteries you use for the kitchen scale is of low quality, you might end up replacing it soon. For the usage part, if you use the kitchen food scale frequently, then it can run out of charge. On the other hand, if you are a rare user of this device, a good battery can last you for a long time.

To put simply, how long the batteries last depends on the batteries and how you use it.

Indicators for the battery change

If you notice the following signs, then it is high time to change the batteries in the scale.

  • Inaccurate readingsIf you feel like the readings showed by the scale is inaccurate, do a little test. Place an item whose weight you know and check whether the scale also shows the same weight. If not, then the batteries are going to die, and you need to change them.
  • Display malfunctionAll kitchen scales that use batteries have a digital display to show the weight. When you measure something, if the display starts to flicker or you see it with difficulty, then its time for a change. You see batteries are not only responsible for the working but also the display of the kitchen scales. This is a great sign of letting you know that battery is going to die.
  • DamageIf you live in a humid region, there are high chances that both the machine and the batteries to rust. So make sure to maintain both of them regularly.

When to change?

To sum it up, change the batteries when you see the above signs. For more information about this, it is best to go through the instruction manual that comes along the kitchen scale. Make sure to do it as per the manufacturer’s instructions.

The bottom line

They say nothing lasts forever, and kitchen scales’ batteries are no different. No doubt having digital kitchen scales can make life much easier. Be on the lookout for the above signs, so that if you see them, you can immediately change the batteries.