Day: September 2, 2020


Is it worth getting a photo printer?

When it comes to printing digital photos, there are two options. You either utilise the services of an online photo printing service to get the prints delivered to your doorstep by mail or print your photos at home using a photo printer. Whether or not a photo printer is suitable for you depends upon your individual requirements which can be weighed against the below-mentioned points.

Control and Speed 

When you have your own latest photo printer, you are able to exert a lot of control over the quality of the photos than what an online photo printing service delivers. You can select the type of ink to use, such as special ink or the type of paper to be used, such as matte or glossy paper. You can also adjust the settings of the printer to get the desired quality of photos. Sample photos can be printed first to check the quality, which gives you the freedom to change the materials and print settings if you are not satisfied with the quality. This is not possible if you order photos from an online printing service. Printing photos using your photo printer instantly gives you any number of photos you like while you need to wait for the photos to be delivered in case of online photo printing service.

Except for professional photographers, most people do not need so much control over their photos. Thus, photo printer may not be an ideal option for non-professional photographers who just require good quality photos without going much into intricate details. Online photo printing services are suitable for such people.


A photo printer at your home enables you to print many other kinds of media apart from photos such as graphics, business documents, reports, website contents, etc. Thus, people who require a lot of such printed materials consider a photo printer as a good investment. Having a photo printer at home eliminates the need to place orders in an online photo printing service or run to a cyber cafe to get prints of documents. Obviously, for people who require photo prints now and then and do not require other types of documents, much, online printing service is a better option than a photo printer.


It is easy to print your photos using a photo printer. The modern photo printers are very user friendly. Many models can also connect wirelessly with smartphones and laptops to directly print the photos present in these devices. However, to print using your photo printer, you need first to procure supplies such as ink cartridges and papers. This is not the case with online printing services where you need to place an order. Thus, which is more convenient depends upon your personal preference.


High-quality photo printers match the quality of photos that online photo printing services provide. They are affordable. But you also need to factor in the cost of the printing supplies required to print photos at home. The cost of printing per page is cheaper as compared to an online photo printing service due to shipping charges and taxes involved in the latter. But if you print photos occasionally, then a photo printer becomes an expensive option.


The pros of using the electric kettle in India

The electric kettle is the favourite appliance of many tea and coffee lovers. With the use of the electric kettle, they can prepare the beverage anytime they want. People all over India use electric kettle in their homes or at the workplace. There are lots of benefits you can have when using the electric kettle in India. Moreover, if some of you are wondering whether to buy the kettle or not then the benefits given below will help you to come to a decision. Read the points below to know more.

  • The taste is better.

Tea and coffee are types of beverages that taste better when you make it on the electric kettle. If it is made on a stove or microwave, the water heater may not be the same. However, in an electric kettle, the water consistency remains the same, so it will offer better tea and coffee taste. There is a mechanism in the electric kettle that switches off if the water comes to the right temperature for preparation.

  • Less electricity use

Electric kettles use only less current when preparing the beverages. The kettle heats up water faster than other electric appliances. So only less current is used. Save your electricity bill each month by using the electric kettle.

  • Secure than stove

There is an advanced function present in the electric kettle in India. It contains automatic shut-off features so when the water reaches the right boiling point the kettle switches off. There is no danger of water spillage. The kettle can also save the user from burns which is a usual occurrence when cooking on the stove.

  • Faster preparation time

Sometimes water boiling can be a strenuous task as in winter months it can take a long time to boil. But an electric kettle is very useful even when the weather outside is cold. It utilises 80% of energy to boil the water, so it is faster than many appliances. Get instant tea or coffee in your hand with the use of the kettle.

  • Convenience

An electric kettle can be used anywhere. You can carry it with you if you are going on a trip. Only a source of electricity is required to prepare tea or coffee. Elderly people can keep the appliance close to them and prepare tea or coffee anytime they like. So this is a sort of convenience that the electric kettle offers to people.

  • Lots of uses

Other than making tea or coffee, an electric kettle can also be used to prepare soup or other food items. You can explore the types of food items you can prepare on the electric kettle. Some parents also use the electric kettle to warm water for the baby. This helps them to only give clean water for the infant even during the middle of the night. So an electric kettle can be put to many uses.


The electric kettle is one of the popular appliances in India. As our life has become hectic because of jobs and other activities, we must depend on appliances such as electric kettle that makes the work easier. You can focus on more important things by using the electric kettle. Only an electric source is needed to place an electric kettle, and once it is placed, it can be used easily anytime.