Day: July 4, 2020

running shoes

The Difference between Running Shoes and Walking Shoes

The right pair of shoes can keep your muscles healthy while working out. Many think workout shoes are all the same. However, there are different shoes for workout activities. You may have to buy a different show for hiking, walking and running. All these shoes are appropriate to do the workout activity and provide high comfort for the feet. Now let us see the difference between running and walking shoes.

Why do you need different shoes for running and walking?

If you are a runner, then you would know that it is a high impact exercise. The foot positions while running are completely different. More support is needed for the foot to run. On the other hand, the extremity of walking exercise is lower than running. However, both these workouts may seem similar but need different shoes for proper support.

The key features to consider


Comfort is the main concern for any shoe. Running has a higher impact on the ground that needs more cushioning. Extra shoe cushion makes it more studier. So choose a good cushioned running shoe can help you to run faster. On the other hand, walking shoes don’t require much heel cushion. Because lightweight shoes are suitable for walking that lessens the weight burden and helps to walk well. Therefore flats shoes are suitable for walking and high heel cushion shoes for running.


Running shoes require more stability, so there is an inbuilt heel attached to the shoe. Running includes more foot motions such as striking the foot to ground, mid-foot and ball foot. Ensure that the running shoes you purchase have inbuilt high heels. Walking shoes do not have an inbuilt heel. The flat shoes are comfortable and suitable for walking.


Running shoes come with motion control features that limit flexibility. If you want to have more stability while running, then you may have to sacrifice flexibility. Also, more flexibility is required for runners due to the running positions. Most of the running shoes provide more flexibility for the foot. But walking shoes provide less flexibility. Running shoes can be suitable for walking, but you cannot run in walking shoes. The walking shoes don’t come with motion control features but still provide more stability.


Many give importance to the look, but some do not care about it. The design of both running and walking shoes are very different. Some may even recognise whether it is a walking or running shoe through its design. Generally, running shoes are flashy and come in bright colours. Many running shoes also have neon colour strips. But, the walking shoe is a bit classy as they come in toned-down colours.


There are numerous good quality running shoes available in the market, but they provide less support than walking shoes. Running shoes have flexible soles that provide support for the bouncy running positions. Walking shoes contain stiff soles as walking doesn’t require more foot movements. You can also consider the heel strike feature when purchasing a running or walking shoe.

There is a clear difference between walking and running shoe. By considering the above differences, you can select which shoe suits you.