Day: February 22, 2020

wall mount fan

How to Pick the Perfect Wall Mounted Fan

Wall-mounted fans can be a lot more advantageous and money-saving in certain cases. Like, when you have to install fans in a school, or a hotel lobby. Ceiling fans won’t fit, and table fans will jeopardize activity. In such cases, wall-mounted fans are the way to go. Choosing the right wall-mounted fans can be tricky when you don’t know exactly what you’re looking for. Here’s a list of the features you need to consider before buying wall-mounted a fan this summer!

Positioning the Fan:

Wall-mounted fans in India can be a better choice than ceiling fans or table fans for certain places like restaurants, outdoor patios, kitchens, etc. But the requirement of each of these is in different positions of the space. You’d like your restaurant fans to be installed where your guests are seated. Likewise, in a kitchen, you would want your wall-mounted fan to be positioned in such a way that it keeps you cool while you’re standing in front of a flame. Think carefully about the space of the room where you want the air to be circulated more, and position the fan accordingly.

Choosing the Correct Sweep:

According to the size of the room and the positions you want the fans to cover, choose the sweep of the fan in such a way that it can circulate air in the exact places you want it circulated. For an average room, 400mm of sweep is ideal for your fan to cover. Also, the larger your room, the more the number of fans you need to install.

Choosing the Correct Fan Speed:

Speed is also an important factor to consider while buying wall-mounted fans. Go for fans that have adjustable speeds because the changing weather demands changes in the fan speed. Some people even prefer to keep their fans at a slightly higher or lower speed than the average speed people usually set them on. Having adjustable speeds in a fan can be helpful.

Additional Features:

It’s surprising to know what additional features some wall-mounted fans can offer. Some of the features offered are double running time even on inverters, noise reduction by use of aerodynamic blades, energy savings by up to 50%, and many more such characteristics that different companies provide. You can choose the perfect wall-mounted fan for yourself based on your needs.

Weight of the Fan:

Lightweight fans are ideal for the wall-mounting variety because a heavy fan has the risk of falling off the wall and injuring anyone close by. You wouldn’t want to encounter an accident, would you? But make sure that the material is not just light but also sturdy. Most fans are made of plastic; but, still double-check the quality of the material of the fan.

Hope this article helped you decide what kind of wall-mounted fan to choose for your use. Summertime is closing by, and you need to make all the preparation you can to beat the heat! So, go on and choose the right fan for your wall!